The construction of Crimson Academy of Kagina began in 2009 and took roughly two years to complete. The school opened in January 2011 and began with four large classrooms serving roughly 180 children. Over the next two years, the school has added two additional classrooms to accommodate the increased enrollment. The school currently educates 300 children. The school is also recognized by the Rwandan government as a primary school. The success of this school is based on the dedication and hard work of the head master and teachers.


Crimson Academy of Kagina, Rwanda is a unique primary school offering education to children encompassing the greater Kagina region. The children have varying ethnicities and backgrounds. The school is the first of its kind and families travel great distances for the opportunity to learn. Great care was given to designing educational programs that target regional needs of the community. An assembly of young invigorating teachers and staff have come together to change the history of these children. We know this school will have lasting effects for generations to come. We are extremely honored that you have taken the time to learn about our school in Gihara, Rwanda.

Nsabimana Jean De Dieu – P6 Teacher

Family Background

My name is Nsabimana Jean De Dieu and I was born in 1984 in the Gasabo District Rwanda. My career objective is to be honest, sincere, pro-active and promote professional value that foster team work.

I completed A0 in Science Education from Kigali Institute of Education in Rwanda.

My Plans for the School

  • I will teach Mathematics/Science
  • I will teach English/Social Studies
  • I will coach the Soccer Team
  • I will teach them good morals