12 Months to 24 Months Old

We have specially designed the curriculum and activities in the toddler room to promote early learning and curiosity.

Building Young Minds
Young children are “little scientists.” They are curious about the world and seek to explore their surroundings.  Our curriculum allows children to learn in a fun, but stimulating way. Toddlers are exposed to activities like coloring, painting, matching and sorting, and categorization.

Bodies in Motion
The physical development of toddlers is a central part of their growth at this stage.  Young children need activity to stimulate their minds and continue development of their fine and gross motor skills. Toddlers are exposed to manipulatives, dramatic movement, and much more.

Building Social Skills
Social and emotional development is critical to early childhood development.  At this stage, many toddlers are beginning to learn that their world consists of people other than themselves.  We promote social development through play in centers

Constructing Language
Language development will be a primary focus throughout your child’s educational experience at Crimson Academy. Our toddlers learn and review the alphabet, colors, numbers, and shapes daily during morning and afternoon circle time.  We also continue developing sign language skills introduced in the Infant room.

It is important to note that young children are beginning to explore themselves in addition to their surroundings. We place special emphasis on children’s self-awareness by teaching them about their physical bodies, expressing emotions appropriately, and celebrating their individual strengths.