Learning is fun!
In our preschool classrooms we  provide developmentally appropriate experiences that allow children to continue to explore their worlds that are challenging yet fun.  The preschool class is beginning preparation for elementary school, and our curriculum is designed to provide a foundation of early phonics, math, and writing skills that children need to achieve at the next level.

Literary Beginnings
Crimson children are exposed to a variety of print materials including books, magazines, newspapers, worksheets, etc… Teachers reinforce letter recognition and begin early phonics through letter sounds and writing activities. Children practice writing their names and words through weekly journal activities and drawings. Additionally, teachers continue storytelling, library visits, and dramatic plays in an effort to emphasize a love for reading and writing.

Manipulative, Mathematics, & Me
Basic concepts learned in the Explorer class are reinforced at this stage. Children continue to work with manipulatives to further their understanding for counting and sorting, while also beginning to work on creating number and colors patterns. Children also begin learning to classify items based upon similarities and differences.  Additionally, puzzles and games are used to promote problem-solving. Children are exposed to technology through regular visits to the technology lab and the use of educational tablets within the classroom.

Social Skills
Children in our preschool are introduced to a behavior management system that requires them to reflect on their behavior both as an individual and in groups.  Children will continue to work on gardening projects, but they will also have the opportunity to collaborate in co-curricular activities.

Imagination Station
We believe that children learn best through creative hands-on projects.  A core element of a child’s development is gaining the confidence to express themselves in their own way. We use music, art, dance, dramatic play, and storytelling to develop a child’s individual creative spirit.

Physical Fitness
Run, jump, kick, and throw. Children at this level are exposed to a variety of physical exercises and training. Playing with balls, bean bags, and simple children’s games (hide and go seek, duck duck goose) help develop necessary physical skills, but they also stimulate cognitive development.