Our Pre-Kindergartners are exposed to a variety of experiences that prepare them to enter and do well in formal education. The schedule in the Pre-K room follows the format of a traditional school day, so that children become comfortable with not only the intellectual process of schooling, but also the environmental, social, and emotional aspects as well.

Literacy and Phonics
Literacy is a critical component of a child’s success in life. We encourage a love of reading through multiple daily story times, journal writing and digital stories.  Children also review letter recognition and work on blending and sight words to develop early reading skills. Additionally, children continue to visit the library and are encouraged to keep track of books read with their parents.

Math Modules
Math in our Pre-K room is divided into modules. Children begin with patterns and number recognition. They then learn to sort by size, color, and shape. Children also learn mind mapping and graphing skills. Lastly all students learn the principles of addition and subtraction.

Science Exploration
Children seek to act upon their worlds and our Pre-K children are exposed to logical thinking by conducting simple experiments with their teachers. They will also learn about the chemistry of art and play games to promote early critical thinking. Additionally, teachers are teaching critical thinking skills through cause and effect activities and asking open-ended questions.