6 Weeks to 12 Months

Creating a nurturing, safe, and engaging environment is our top priority at Crimson Academy.  We provide sensory, auditory, and physical activities that allow our infants to explore their world safely and confidently.  Parents provide diapers, wipes, bottles, sheets, and creams to create a home away from home environment for each child.

  • Low teacher to student ratio to ensure individualized and focus care
  • Personal care and feeding plans created by parents
  • Designated cribs for each infant that are sanitized daily
  • Toys washed and sanitized throughout the day to decrease the spread of germs
  • Individual focus on sensory, emotional, cognitive, and physical development with semi-annual parent teacher conferences.
  • Age appropriate toys are used to develop gross motor skills and physical coordination
  • Daily report of all activities including diaper changes, feedings, tummy time, and curriculum activities.
  • Sign language, story time, and singing are components used frequently throughout the day to provide a foundation of early language and literacy development.