24 Months to 36 Months Old

Two year olds have the confidence to boldly explore the world around them.  We seek to provide a safe environment that encourages enthusiastic learning through play in small groups.

Language Development
The explosion of language for a two year old is amazing to watch. Teachers in our explorer classrooms create environments that provide students an excellent literary foundation. Teachers promote literacy through our daily storytelling, letter recognition, phonics songs, computer software, and artwork.  

Social Development
Our explorers are encouraged to build positive relationships with others. Through group work and class projects, young children learn how to relate to one another. To learn about others, teachers speak to children about expressing feelings appropriately, sharing with others, manners, and kindness.

Social Awareness
We promote social emotional development by working together in the community garden and giving each child responsibility in the classroom. We also host monthly charity events and drives to encourage all families to give to others in need.  Children learn to care for others, their environment, and the world. Our goal is to create well-rounded philanthropic citizens of tomorrow.

Counting and Creating
Early math skills will stay with your child throughout their life. Children build upon skills learned in their prior classes by continuing to count and sort, learning about colors, and number recognition. We combine the arts with mathematics so that children learn to think both sequentially and creatively. We encourage early problem solving through puzzles, manipulatives, and games.

Physical Fitness
Ready, Set Go!!!! Everyday we exercise our bodies as much as we exercise our minds. Children participate in stretches, workouts, and even yoga while also learning about how the body works.  In addition, we also teach healthy eating habits to maintain good physical fitness.

Our two year olds begin using tablets and computers to explore learning using modern day technology.  We use a variety of educational software to reinforce phonics, number recognition, writing skills, colors, and shapes.