Elementary Program

The Crimson Academy Elementary program strives to create confident and creative lifelong learners. Our focus is on the whole child. We used an integrated project based curriculum to create meaningful learning experiences that teach not only academics but problem solving, critical thinking, and essential communication skills. Each child receives an individualized learning plan to ensure a flexible and engaging environment where children learn in a style best suited for them.

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Students will explore content and concepts through seven learning themes that will cover ELA, Math, Social Studies, Science, Technology, and Health. Music, movement, and art are integrated throughout the day and within each monthly learning project. Our curriculum will prepare students to be successful builders of the future, understand their place in the world around them, and how they can make meaningful change today.

At the core of our curriculum are the Georgia Standards of Excellence. We seek to prepare all of our students to enter the Georgia public school system with the cognitive, social, and emotional skills necessary to succeed.

We solidly believe that all children can learn and to ensure that their learning is meaningful we utilize project based learning. Project based learning is centered around finding real world ways for students to learn problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills. Each month students will tackle a real world problem which will require them to inquire and research, collaborate with peers and experts, and create a product in the end.

We create personalized learning plans for each child and maintain a 1:10 ratio for all learning to ensure every child has the opportunity to meet their maximum potential. There is a learning theme each month that guides the learning and they are: Environment, How Things Work, My Body-My World, Around the World, Economics, Exploration, Past-Present-Future. We also integrate the arts and movement in every aspect of learning so that we appeal to all learning styles.