After School

After School Enrichment

Learning does not stop when children end their school day. At Crimson Academy, we want to ensure your child’s academic success while also helping to promote their holistic development. We offer programs that will stimulate students academically, socially, and physically.

Academic Tutoring
The after school environment is an extension of the school day. As such, our children can receive help with homework and school projects. Additionally, if your child is struggling in a particular area, we will provided one-on-one tutoring to help your child succeed in the classroom.

Leadership Program
We provide leadership classes for all members of the after school program. They have the opportunity to be classroom helpers, tutors to younger kids, assistants to management, and create activities that give back to the community. Students spend one day a week learning about what it takes to be a good leader which includes learning about great leaders, listening to guest speakers, and participating in role play to model good leadership skills.

Science Technology Engineering Arts Math
Our after school program has a strong focus on STEAM to help kids prepare for the future. We teach beginning coding, how to create circuits, how to use math to construct structures, and much more. There is a special project each month that the after school students work together to produce. A few projects they have created this school year are robots, parachutes that fly, and circuit boards. We encourage ingenuity, problem solving, and teamwork with each project. Check out our facebook page for examples of their projects.