About Us

Philosophy and Mission

Service and Continuous Improvement

As your child’s early educator, we seek to scaffold your child’s intellectual development by providing service and continuous improvement.  By constantly reviewing what and how we work with you, the parent, and your child, we can provide personalized service to each child and to each family.  This servant orientation is critical in that our focus as teachers and staff is not just on the curricular side of your child’s development, but on the holistic development of your child as well.

Maximizing Developmental Stages

We are committed to a curriculum designed around the developmental needs of our children.  Age appropriate curriculum allows children to develop at their own pace.  In addition, maximizing developmental stages affords teachers the opportunity to tailor children’s educational experiences.  In the long term, children develop an enduring appreciation for education.

Artistic Expression

The arts have been proven to stimulate children’s cognitive and creative development.  Thinking critically and creatively are skills that require gentle cultivation.  The arts provide an opportunity for children to express themselves, and in doing so, begin to solve problems, create new ideas, and actively seek out their worlds.  Artistic expression is encouraged of our students and our teachers.  We understand the individual differences and needs of the children in our learning centers.  It is our hope to continue to cultivate minds that actively engage with their environments in a creative way.

 is FUNdamental

While creative and critical thinking are desired of our children, the development of reading, writing, and arithmetic skills are the foundation of children’s educational experiences.  The fundamentals of academic skills prepare children for future academic work.  As such, we provide children with early practice in reading through a combined approach of phonics and whole words, journaling and other early writing experiences that draw out creativity and produce familiarity with writing, and expand cognitive development through problem solving in mathematics.

Teacher and Staff Development

A school is nothing without its teachers and staff.  We are committed to the continued development of our teachers so that they are equipped with the best educational techniques.  We want our teachers and staff to be creative and experiment with their teaching, and we want to support their personal and career development.  So, development is not just a key facet for our children, but for the entire center.