Oh Teething!

By April 12, 2018News

Written by Marili Canedo
They say that teething is an exciting natural milestone of an infant’s and toddler’s development, but lets be honest, teething is like going through the gauntlet. Your happy and smiling baby has become a fussy, inconsolable terror and you feel helpless to make them feel better. Don’t worry help is on the way.

When Does Teething Begin?
Infants begin to show signs of teething as early as three months of age and it make take months for an actual tooth to arrive.

What’s normal?

  • Drooling more than the usual
  • Loss of appetite due to the soreness of their gums
  • Trouble sleeping due to gum discomfort
  • Constantly putting their fingers in their mouth
  • Sometimes your little one may have low grade fever

What can help?

  • Cool teething rings! Cool teething rings help ease their discomfort and soothes their gums.
  • Gently rubbing your baby’s gums with your finger. The pressure helps ease their discomfort.
  • Keeping their face dry helps prevent chafed skin. Also Aquaphor works great to keep the face dry as well.
  • Cool pacifier help numb their gums.
  • Soft cool foods such as yogurt and natural applesauce will help ease achy gums.
  • Do you have a Sophie Giraffe? She is chewy, squeaky, and can be frozen. Most kids love this teething toy and her squeaks are much better than your little one’s screeches. ?

Remember patience is what teething babies crave. There is no set date nor time for your baby’s teeth to all blossom so be patient and don’t forget to provide lots of snuggles and kisses for your little one.