Kindness Matters

By April 5, 2018News

We have started a Kindness Matters Club to encourage kids to focus on how they treat their peers. Everyday we hear kids bicker and try to one up each other and we as a staff decided we needed a change. Enter the Kindness Matters Club! Get caught being kind is our motto. Kindness is something that comes from the inside and we want to honor those kids that go above and beyond to help others.

What do you get?

Each new member gets a sticker, your pic on the Kindness Matters board, and after you get caught being kind 5 times, you receive a prize. Is your child a member of the Kindness Matters Club? If not, talk them about how they can help friends and teachers. Hopefully if we focus on the behavior we want to see today, the our kids will become outstanding and kind leaders tomorrow.